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A Short History Of 
Gold And Silver

A Short History Of Gold And Silver

Did you know that gold and silver are one of the oldest forms of currency in the world. These two metals have been traded around the world for thousands of years.

Printed money doesn’t even come close to the value of gold and silver. In many ways, people still consider it as the de facto standard for currency.

In the past, gold has always been known as a symbol of the rich and the elite, silver is also precious but in more functional ways. Gold, we see it as jewelry and silver as silverware.

Gold and silver is a sign of money and power. They are soft enough to be molded into different forms and it form gives beauty that entrances people.

Unlike currency in the form of paper money, you can’t print it out of thin air so it is inherently valuable.

The Gold Standard is what governments use as a comparison of currency. When a government is using the Gold Standard, it means that they are basing their currency and valuations on a worth equal to an amount in precious metals (namely gold and silver).

The United States used to use the gold standard.

In out next video we will look at why the price of gold and silver is rising. 

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