Boron (B)

  Boron (B) 10.811 g/mol Boron (B) 10.811 g/mol Latin name: Borum English name: Boron Year discovered: 1808 Year discovered: 1808 Discovered by: Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac Louis Jacques Thénard Humphry Davy Cost per 100 grams: 0.37 USD Electron shell: K2 L3 M0 N0 O0 P0 Q0 R0 Electrons: 5 Protons: 5 Neutrons: 6 Atomic number: … Read more

Beryllium (Be)

  Beryllium (Be) Beryllium (Be) Latin name: Beryllium  English name: Beryllium Year discovered: 1798 Discovered by: Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin Cost per 100 grams: 85.7 USD Electron shell: K2 L2 M0 N0 O0 P0 Q0 R0 Electrons: 4 Protons: 4 Neutrons: 5 Atomic number: 4 Atomic weight (Relative atomic mass): 9.0121 (g/mol) Density: 1.848 (g/cm³) Melting point: … Read more

Hydrogen (H)

  H Hydrogen  1.00784 (g/mol) Latin name: Hydrogenium English name: Hydrogen Year discovered: 1766 CAS Number: CAS1333-74-0 Discovered by: Henry Cavendish Cost per 100 grams: 12 USD Electron shell: K1 L0 M0 N0 O0 P0 Q0 R0 Electrons: 1 Protons: 1 Neutrons: 0 Hydrogen is a chemical element with chemical symbol H and atomic number 1. With an atomic weight of 1.00794 … Read more

Lithium (Li)

  Lithium (Li ) 6.941 (g/mol) Latin name: Lithium English name: Lithium Year discovered: 1817 CAS Number: CAS7439-93-2 Discovered by: Johan August Arfwedson Cost per 100 grams: 8.65 USD  Electron shell: K2 L1 M0 N0 O0 P0 Q0 R0 Electrons: 3 Protons: 3 Neutrons: 4 Lithium is a chemical element with the symbol Li and atomic number 3. … Read more

Helium (He)

    Helium (He) Latin name: Helium English name: Helium Year discovered: 1895 CAS Number: CAS7440-59-7 Discovered by: Pierre Jules César Janssen                            Joseph Norman Lockyer Cost per 100 grams: 2.4 USD Electron shell: K2 L0 M0 N0 O0 P0 Q0 R0  Electrons: 2 … Read more