Nursery Management

 Nursery Management Nursery Management A nursery is a place where rooting of planting materials or germination of seeds can be obtained in a better way, under favourable growing conditions. In a nursery, seeds germinate effectively and seedlings give better stand in field. The period required for germination and establishment of seedlings can be easily utilised … Read more

Seed Sowing and Planting Material

 Seed Sowing and Planting Material Seed Sowing and Planting Material Methods of seed sowing Broadcasting After the preparation of a nursery, spread the seeds on nursery beds and cover them with finely sieved rotten FYM or compost. This method has some disadvantages, as seeds cannot be placed at equal distance. This might require a large … Read more

Nursery and its Importance

 Nursery and its Importance Nursery and its Importance Importance of nursery Wastage of small and expensive hybrid seeds is reduced considerably due to better care and management. Germination percentage can be improved by providing ideal condition in a comparatively smaller place. The management of seedlings can be done in a better way with minimum care, … Read more

Introduction to Floriculture

Introduction to Floriculture Floriculture is a vast field that includes cultivation and production of all types of ornamentals, viz., croton, cacti, orchids, grasses and bamboos. Besides cultivation, it includes layout and designing of gardens, study of various styles and features of garden and landscaping. The various field of revenue generation in floriculture includes cut flower … Read more