ELECTIONS AND DEMOCRACY ELECTIONS AND DEMOCRACY Let us begin by asking ourselves two simple questions about elections and democracy. Can we have democracy without holding elections? Can we hold elections without having democracy? Let us have a discussion in the classroom on both these questions by using examples from whatever we have learnt so … Read more


 WHY DO WE NEED A CONSTITUTION?  WHY DO WE NEED A CONSTITUTION? Constitution allows coordination and assurance Imagine yourself to be a member of a reasonably large group. Further imagine that this group has the following characteristics. The members of this group are diverse in various ways. They have different religious allegiances: some are Hindus, … Read more

President Of India In Details

President  President Of India In Details Executive head of the state First citizen of inda. The executive powers vested in the President are to be exercised on the advice of tthe Council of Ministers responsible to the Parliament. The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution has made it obligatory on the part of the President to … Read more

What is Politics?

 What is Politics? What is Politics? You would have noticed that people have different ideas about what politics is. Political leaders, and persons who contest elections and hold political office, may argue that it is a kind of public service. Some others associate politics with manipulation and intrigue undertaken to pursue ambitions and satisfy wants. … Read more