Biological Classification

  Biological Classification Biological Classification Since the dawn of civilisation, there have been many attempts to classify living organisms. It was done instinctively not using criteria that were scientific but borne out of a need to use organisms for our own use – for food, shelter and clothing. Aristotle was the earliest to attempt a … Read more

The Living World

 The Living World The Living World Biology is the science of life forms and living processes. The living world comprises an amazing diversity of living organisms. Early man could easily perceive the difference between inanimate matter and living organisms. Early man deified some of the inanimate matter (wind, sea, fire etc.) and some among the … Read more

Taxonomical Aids

 Taxonomical Aids Taxonomical Aids Taxonomic studies of various species of plants, animals and other organisms are useful in agriculture, forestry, industry and in general in knowing our bio-resources and their diversity. These studies would require correct classification and identification of organisms. Identification of organisms requires intensive laboratory and field studies. The collection of actual specimens … Read more

Taxonomic Categories

 Taxonomic Categories Classification is not a single step process but involves hierarchy of steps in which each step represents a rank or category. Since the category is a part of overall taxonomic arrangement, it is called the taxonomic category and all categories together constitute the taxonomic hierarchy. Each category, referred to as a unit of … Read more

Diversity in the Living World

Diversity in the Living World Diversity in the Living World If you look around you will see a large variety of living organisms, be it potted plants, insects, birds, your pets or other animals and plants. There are also several organisms that you cannot see with your naked eye but they are all around you. … Read more

What is ‘Living’?

 What is ‘Living’?  (The Living World) How wonderful is the living world ! The wide range of living types is amazing. The extraordinary habitats in which we find living organisms, be it cold mountains, deciduous forests, oceans, fresh water lakes, deserts or hot springs, leave us speechless. The beauty of a galloping horse, of the … Read more

Diversity in Living World

    Diversity in Living World The scientific study of various aspects that attempts to recognize, describe, name and arrange the diverse organissm according to an organized plan based on the unique features of species and groups is known as systematics.  Systematics mainly involves four steps , i.e., identification , classification , nomenclature and taxonomy. Classification is basically … Read more