Master In Biology – All about Master In Biology

Master In Biology – All about Master In Biology 

In this post we will know what is Master in Biology. How can we do master in biology. What does it take for that? How much does it cost to do Master in Biology? What is the syllabus of Master in Biology. In which field we can do job after doing Master in Biology. If you want to do post graduation in Master in Biology, then definitely read this article; This article has been created for you.
Due to lack of correct information, many students are not able to take their career in the right direction.  That’s why we are providing the right information for you for free.  So that you can make your career right and take it to a higher level.  So let’s know about Master in Biology from this article. 

What is Master In Biology ?

Science is divided into three parts. The first part is physics, the second part is chemistry, the third part is biology. So biology is a subject which is a part of science. Biology is divided into two parts where you read about plants in Botany and about animals in Zoology.
Although you must know all this; Still it is our job to tell you. After doing B.Sc, you can do Master in Science. B.Sc i.e. Bachelor in Science; You may also call it plus 3. And this Bachelor degree is called Graduate. After graduation you can do post graduate. Post graduate is called mastering. Similarly, if you do post graduation in biology subject then you will call it master in biology. 
The duration of Master in Biology course is of 2 years. And the name of Master in Biology degree is called MSc.

Eligibility for Master In Biology 

If you want to do Master in Biology, then you have to do a bachelor’s degree from any recognised university. And your main subject should be Biology or Science.
Apart from this, you should have passed with good marks in B.Sc.
To do Master in Biology, your annual cost will range from 40,000 to 4 lakh Indian Rupees. 

Master In Biology’s Syllabus

We are telling you the syllabus of Master in Biology according to the given list of many universities and colleges.

M.Sc (Biology) Semester-I

1. Biostatistics and Biosystematics
2. Cell Biology
3. Genes and Genomes
4. Proteins and Proteomics

M.Sc (Biology) Semester-II

1. Methods in Applied Sciences
2. Metabolism and Metabolomics
3. Recombinant DNA Technology
4. Research Methodology and IPR

M.Sc (Biology) Semester-III

1. Research Project

M.Sc (Biology) Semester-IV

1. Clinical Immunology
2. Introduction to Pharmacology
3. Molecular Oncology and Molecular Medicine
4. Recent Advances in Biology

Job Available for Master In Biology

Which job you can get by doing Master in Biology is given below.
Assistant Professor (Biology)
Biological Technician
Biology Content Developer
Faculty (Biology)
Health Educator
Medical and Health Services Manager
Medical Product Sales Representative
Physician’s Assistant and Nurse Practitioner
Science Teacher
Senior Domain Test Engineer
Research Scientist
M.Sc (Biology) Related Courses
M.Phill (Biology)
Ph.D. can be done in the following branches of Biology. Biochemistry
Biological Scientist    

Sector of Job for Master In Biology

In which fields you can do a job after doing Master in Biology, all of them are given below.
Animal Husbandry
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Range Management

Apply for Master In Biology

It is very easy to do current post graduation. You can also do MSc online. There are many websites which provide good facility to do online degree. 
You can apply for post graduation on various subject by visiting those websites.
Some famous universities where doing Master in Biology is the best.
Harvard University.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Stanford University.
University of California–San Francisco.
University of Cambridge.
University of California–Berkeley.
University of California–San Diego.
University of Oxford.
We hope that you have got a lot of information about Master in Biology. In this article, we have given you information about Master in Biology Syllabus, Eligibility,MSc, Master In Biology, Post Graduation. You can find many more information on our blog. Thank you very much for visiting our site.

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